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About our Brand

Pup and Pony Co. is a small family business out of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada- made up of myself, my husband Scott, and our Pup(s) & Pony.

Originally inspired by King and Opie, our brand started out as The Pup & Pony Tag Co. as a way to make unique, one of a kind pieces for pets and their people. Each piece was meant to showcase and embrace the equestrian lifestyle. Some of our pieces received overwhelming responses and allowed us to evolve into Pup & Pony Co. 

Everything we create continues to be guided by our mission-to create products for pets that are just as stylish as our customers, while ensuring the comfort and safety of your bff. We are obsessed with ensuring our products are of the high quality you have come to know from us, and every single product is rigorously tested first by our four legged family members.

Our leather products are made with bison leather. We chose bison leather first and foremost because bison are a more sustainable option vs. cows. When bison graze they eat more grasses opposed to wildflowers-which is better for the ecosystem and causes less greenhouse gas. Their manure acts as a natural fertilizer to their habitat, and bison even cause less erosion to the land. Our bison leather is vegetable tanned and therefore biodegradable. Secondly, it is buttery soft, and yet extremely durable.

Our policy stands that we want every Pup, Pony and their Owner to love their product as much as we do. If you or your customer are unsatisfied with our product, please contact us right away at pupandponyco@gmail.com and we will work immediately to resolve it.

-Athena, Owner & Designer

Our store

25 Victoria St

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

You may contact us at pupandponyco@gmail.com to schedule a personalized shopping experience in our studio.